Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora 240 CPU - Digital RGB

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The Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora AIO CPU water cooler is a latest development of the popular and... more
Product information

The Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora AIO CPU water cooler is a latest development of the popular and well-known Eisbaer cooler. Alphacool has improved many features but the ability to expand the cooler via the quick release fasteners and the famous high-quality copper radiators have been retained. The large capacity reservoir and the ability to refill the cooler has also been kept the same.

The Heart of the AiO
The pump, CPU cooler and reservoir combo is the heart of the Eisbaer Aurora. The cooler base is made of high-quality copper and has a fine slotted structure. The surface area has been further expanded compared to the previous model to completely cover the larger DIE areas of AMD and Intel processors. The DC-LT pump has also been redesigned and is now almost 10% more powerful at a reduced noise level. The reservoir is many times larger compared to standard AIO systems ensuring a longer service life. In addition, the unit also has a fill port which can be used to refill if necessary. This is especially important if you want to extend the loop via the quick release fasteners.

Custom Cooling Components!
A great advantage of the Eisbaer Aurora series is the expandability via the aptly named ‘Eisbaer-Ready’ quick release fasteners. These have also been redesigned and are now smoother and more unobtrusive than those of the previous model. Nevertheless, these quick-release fasteners are 100% compatible with all Eisbaer Ready products such as prefilled radiators, the Eiswolf AIO water cooler for graphics cards and the well-known Alphacool HF quick-release fasteners, which are available separately for normal DIY water cooling systems. The fittings are from the Enterprise Solution series from Alphacool. They have a standard G1/4" thread and can be exchanged for any other fittings if you wish. The TPV hose is extremely resistant and is also used in the Enterprise Solution series for servers and workstations. Using custom cooling parts for an AiO means you get many more options than usual.

Copper Radiator
As usual with Alphacool, the radiators are made of copper. Alphacool is the first manufacturer worldwide to use copper for all water-carrying components such as the end chambers, the cooling fins and the cooling channels to which the fins are soldered. Only the thread inserts are made of brass as copper is too soft for this application. The cooling fins are also only lightly painted. If you look closely, the copper even shimmers through. The reason for this is to ensure that the paint does not affect the cooling capacity, which would be reduced by too thick a coating. The fin density is at an optimal 15FPI, allowing the radiator to work perfectly at low airflow. A too high density would require faster, louder fans. Alphacool has chosen the golden number here as you can keep fans running slower and quieter whilst still getting fantastic performance.

Fans and Lighting
The entire Eisbaer Aurora cooler has been equipped with addressable digital RGB LEDs. The pump housing has an Eisbaer pattern all around which is fully illuminated. This gives a unique look when installed into a case. The Alphacool Aurora LUX Pro fans are also fully illuminated with 5V aRGB LEDs. The fan frame has a unique pattern with many small cut-outs that create a particularly elegant effect. You do not see individual LEDs and the lighting is much more interesting than a simple LED ring. Of course, all Digital RGB LEDs can be controlled as you like, such as via the motherboard or with a third-party controller. Depending on the controller almost all effects are possible.

How to Connect Everything
The fans are controlled via a 4-pin PWM connector. To reduce the number of headers needed on the motherboard, Y-cable is included so that 2 or 3 fans can be ran from a single header. The RGB lighting is connected via a 3-pin JST connector. Each cable also has an integrated Y-adapter, so that the fans can be daisy chained very easily. A 3-pin 5V adapter is included in the package. This allows you to connect and control the fans to any mainboard with the appropriate connector. Alternatively, the included Digital RGB Controller can be used. The pump of the Eisbaer Aurora uses a 3-pin Molex connector. This can also be connected to the mainboard.

The Eisbaer Aurora CPU AIO water cooling is a worthy successor of the well-known Eisbaer series and improves many details of the water cooling.


AMD: AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / AM4 / AM5 / FM1 / FM2 / FM2+ / sTRX4 / TR4
Intel: LGA 1150 / LGA 1151 / LGA 1155 / LGA 1156 / LGA 1200 / LGA 1700 / LGA 2011 / LGA 2011-3 / LGA 2066 / LGA 755


Technical data radiator
L x W x H279 x 124 x 30 mm (+/- 3% in the range of the pre-chambers)
Material cooling finscopper
Material chamberscopper
Material cooling channelscopper
Material threadsbrass
Material outer housingstainless steel
Threads2x G1/4”
For fan size120 mm
Fan mounting options2 x one-sided / 4 x both-sided
Max working temperature60 °C
Pressure tested0,8 Bar

Technical data cooler and pump
L x W x H66 x 66 x 69mm
Material cooler bottomNickel plated copper
Material cooler topPMMA
Threads2x G1/4”
Pump typDC-LT 2
Pump speed2600 RPM (+/-10%)
Head of dlivery1 m
Maximum flow rate72 L/h
Voltage6-13.5V DC
Quantity Digital aRGB LED10
Power consumption3,2W

Technical data tube
Length40 cm
Material tubeTPV (EPDM/PP)
Colorblack matt
Tube size12,7 / 7,6 mm
Hardness grade35 Shore-A to 50 Shore-D
Working temperature-50 to +155 °C

Technical data fittings
L x D straight fitting24 x 18 mm
Quantity straight fittings4x
For tube size12,7 / 7,6 mm
Material fittingsnylon

Technical data quick fasteners
L x D95 x 27 mm
For tube size12,7 / 7,6 mm

Technical data fans
Speed800 - 2000 RPM
Static pressure2,0 mm H2O
Air flow rate104,49 m³/h
Fan connector4-Pin PWM
Connection Digital aRGB3-Pin JST + 3-Pin 5V
Dimensions120 x 120 x 25 mm
Max working temperature60 °C
Number of aRGB Digital LED16

Awards & Videos
Technical details mehr
Technical details
Hersteller: Alphacool
Radiatorgröße: 240mm
Vorbefüllt: Ja
Radiatorabmessung: 278 x 124 x 30mm
Radiatordicke: 29 - 39mm
Sockel: AMD AM3(+), AMD AM4, AMD AM5, AMD sTRX4, AMD TR4, Intel 115x, Intel 2011(-3), Intel 2066, Intel LGA 1200, Intel LGA 1700, Intel LGA 1851
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