Warranty Terms Alphacool International GmbH.



This warranty applies only to Alphacool's own products. Damages to other products, such as hardware, due to improper, defective, or otherwise improperly executed installations, are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover improper use, handling, or operation outside of specifications.

• The warranty is valid from the purchase date of the product.

• The warranty period depends on the product. Relevant information can be found in the warranty list, on the packaging, or as an insert within the packaging.

• The warranty is exclusively for the original purchaser or is subject to country-specific regulations.

• A warranty is only accepted if a valid invoice is provided. It should be noted that only the purchaser can submit the warranty claim, and their name must match the name on the invoice.


Exceptions to the Warranty

The warranty is excluded if the following causes are identified:

• Normal wear and tear of the products.

• Improper use and failure to follow the included instructions.

• Modifications of any kind, including opening the product.

• Use of the product outside its intended specifications and purpose.

• Use of liquids not provided or recommended by Alphacool International GmbH.

• Discoloration caused by colored liquids.

• Any cause not related to a material or manufacturing defect of the product.

Counterfeit products and products purchased from unverified retailers are also excluded.


Warranty Process

In the first step, contact the retailer from whom you purchased the item. Processing may be faster through them. If the retailer cannot handle the warranty claim, please contact our support directly at info@alphacool.com

Please note the following:

• You must provide a copy of your retailer's invoice.

• Please describe the problem with the product as accurately as possible.

• Images of the problem greatly facilitate a faster processing.

Follow the support's instructions. Do not attempt to open, repair, or modify the product independently and without prior consultation with Alphacool support, as this may cause irreparable damage and void your warranty claim.

Whether a product is exchanged or repaired is decided individually by support, depending on the damage and product. In the case of an exchange, Alphacool reserves the right to send a refurbished item (B-grade) to the customer. Refurbished items have no technical defects.

If the corresponding item is no longer in stock and is no longer manufactured, Alphacool offers an equivalent product or a successor product.

For products not directly purchased from Alphacool, no refunds of any kind can be offered.


Special Note on Returns

Returns of damaged products must be properly and securely packaged for transport. If the packaging is not in proper condition, shows significant damage, or if the products are loose in the packaging, we assume transport damage or customer negligence and will deny the warranty claim. Items must be returned complete, except for consumables such as thermal paste and thermal pads.

Warranty Periods List

10 Years

• All full copper radiators

• Passive heatsinks

• EPDM and TPV hoses

• All CPU and GPU coolers that do not use acrylic components


5 Years

• Water cooling connectors for hoses and HardTubes

• CPU DIY water coolers from the following series: CORE, APEX

• CPU AIO systems from the APEX series

• Fans from the following series: APEX

• Pumps from the following series: APEX, CORE, VPP, DDC


3 Years

• CPU AIO systems of the following series: Eisbaer (Aurora/LT/Pro), Ocean, CORE

• Graphics cards water cooler series: CORE, ES

• Distroplates of the series: CORE, APEX, Rise

• Fans of the series: Ice Cyclone, Rise, CORE, ES

Other products are subject to country-specific warranty and guarantee regulations.


Limitation of Liability

Alphacool is not liable for indirect consequential damages, including but not limited to:

• Economic losses due to downtime or similar.

• Loss of data of any kind.

• Hardware damage due to improper handling.