Eheim compact Pumpe 1000 12 Volt (ohne DC/AC Wandlerkarte)

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EHEIM compact1000 is the new pump from Eheim for submerged operation. It is suitable for use... more
Product information

EHEIM compact1000 is the new pump from Eheim for submerged operation. It is suitable for use inside of the reservoir, wehre reliable flow and mixing of the coolant is required. The pump is shipped without an adjusting slide (pump always runs at foll power). Thanks to the compact dimensions, this pump can be installed even in very small spaces. Mounting can be done quickly and easily with suction cups.
We recommend using this pump only as a submerged pump in reservoirs.

Technical specifications:
Flow rate: 150-1000 l/h
Pressure head: 2.0m
Power consumption: 23W
Outer diameter pressure side: 13m
Dimensions (LxWxH): 78 x 54 x 94mm

Extent of delivery:
1x Eheim compact 1000 pump 12V (without DC/AC converter card)

Important: This pump must not be connected directly to the PSU! It runs with alternating current, the system PSU provided direct current. For operation of this pump, please order the Alphacool DC/AC converter card (Item No. ) with this pump.

PLease note: Not compatible with 52031 Alphacool DC/AC Converter (12V/DC on 12/AC) PCI-Slot for Eheim 1046/600

Technical details mehr
Technical details
Farbe: schwarz
Spannung: 12V DC
Maximale Förderhöhe: Gut (2 bis 4m)
Wassereinlass: nicht vorhanden
Leistungsaufnahme: 23W
Maximaler Durchfluss: 1000 l/h, 1500 l/h
Maximale Systemtemperatur: 35°C
Hersteller: Eheim
Zugelassene Flüssigkeiten: Wasser/Glykol-Gemisch
Sonstiges: Tauchpumpe
Abmessungen: 78 x 54 x 94mm
Stromanschluss: Wandlerkarte
Wasserauslass: Schlauchtülle 10mm (3/8")
Material: Kohlefaser